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Les Feldick started teaching home Bible Study classes in the 1960s. In 1990, one of his students with connections to a local TV station approached Les about taping a 30-minute weekly program… Read More

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For free Bible study materials for inmates call (612) 423-3457
For a Grace Church near you call (262) 255-4750

For Grace believers who read Chinese or Spanish, here are readable and printable versions of an easy to understand booklet explaining right division in traditional and simplified Chinese and Spanish. There are also several other languages of the book available.  If interested please call 847-640-8422.

“Saved by the Grace of God”
Traditional Chinese – Printable  Readable | Simplified Chinese – Printable  Readable | Spanish – Printable  Readable

“How To Study The Word of Truth”
Traditional Chinese – Printable  Readable | Simplified Chinese – Printable  Readable | Spanish –  Printable  Readable