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Newsletter – Oct – Nov – Dec 2020

Oct - Nov - Dec 2020 Dear Friends – Keep Looking up! One of the truest signs of the Lord’s coming, the rapture, is expressed by the Lord Himself, “When I come again will I find faith?” The closer we get, the less we hear anything about it, yet the scripture is so...

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Newsletter – Jul – Aug – Sep 2020

Jul - Aug - Sep 2020 Dear Friends Summer has arrived! Even though we had an overabundance of rain in spring I hope we do not have drought for the summer. Our lawn has been covered with little white wildflowers. Some have purple borders and are so pretty and now the...

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Newsletter – Apr – May – Jun 2020

Apr - May - Jun 2020 Dear Friends Iris does such a good job at writing this note that I wanted her to do it again for this newsletter, but she used the excuse that our readers need proof that I’m still okay and capable. And I am. I’m still eating my three good meals a...

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Newsletter – Jan – Feb – Mar 2020

Jan - Feb - Mar 2020 Dear Friends - Submitted by Iris Well, 2019 has ended. One comforting thing about the changing calendar is the knowledge that we are one year closer to being taken to Glory. It could be one month from today or maybe even as little as one week, or...

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Newsletter – Oct – Nov – Dec 2019

Oct - Nov - Dec 2019 Dear Friends, I know it sounds trite, but where did summer go? June, July & August simply disappeared! We are both still doing ok. I can't even remember my last doctor's visit. It's an eat & sleep routine! We continue to praise the Lord...

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Newsletter – Jul – Aug – Sep 2019

Jul - Aug - Sep 2019 Dear Friends– Submitted by Iris Time is flying by and we still believe that we are continually moving closer to our Blessed Hope, the Rapture. We pray you are all ready and have accepted our wonderful Gospel as expressed in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4....

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Newsletter – Apr – May – Jun 2019

Apr - May - Jun 2019 Dear Friends, This is March 8th, and already time to get the April Newsletter ready. I was hoping to let Iris write this again, but she says I’d better let you know that I’m still up and about. I’m still experiencing some dizziness now and then,...

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Newsletter – Jan – Feb – Mar 2019

Jan - Feb - Mar 2019 Dear Friends, (Submitted by Iris) First off, we would like to say Happy New Year! They keep on rolling faster every year. We trust you had a Merry Christmas! We are certainly thankful for all the letters, cards, gifts, good wishes, support and...

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