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Newsletter – Apr – May – Jun 2022

We realize many of you anxiously await the newsletter primarily to be updated on the health and wellbeing of Les and Iris. At this time, Les and Iris are still living at home with help and are still able to read mail sent directly to them, although they can’t possibly answer all the letters they receive. They are no longer able to welcome visitors, and his hearing prevents Les from taking phone calls, but they appreciate your prayers and encouragement more than ever. Les doesn’t keep up with current events as he did in the past, so there are no comments on the current political climate, but it is interesting to see how much of what Les mentioned on those early programs has since come to fruition.

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Newsletter – Jan – Feb – Mar 2022

As always we are going to start with a big thank you! The prayers, cards and notes of encouragement are always appreciated. Les & Iris are happy to be home and together, which is exactly where they want to be! Not much has changed in the past couple months. Les makes an effort to drink more water and get plenty of rest. Iris monitors her blood sugar closely and tries to move around as much as possible. The good Lord does the rest! Please continue to pray for us in 2022 and know that we are praying for you! We are all so grateful for all He is doing and will continue to do for the family and the ministry in this New Year! God Bless!

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Newsletter – Oct – Nov – Dec 2021

Thank you for your continued prayers, concern and support for the ministry, as well as the Feldick family. We take numerous calls every day asking how Les & Iris are doing, so we thought we would give you a more in-depth update.

Over the past couple of months, both Les & Iris have spent time in the hospital. Iris has been having trouble with severe hip pain. As a diabetic, any type of pain can make it much harder to control your blood sugar levels, which can lead to other problems. She is working with her doctors on a treatment plan that will be right for her. She is still doing things around the house and answering mail as she’s always done, just at a slower pace….

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Newsletter – Jul – Aug – Sep 2021

Les celebrated his 94th birthday on June 6th, 2021.

Les & Iris celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary on June 21st. They would like to thank everyone who sent a card, letter, gift or well wishes. You’re continued prayers for Les, Iris and the entire family would be greatly appreciated!

A memory shared from Iris:

Although I had heard many tales from the “old folks” about mountain lions, in my growing up and our 46 years of ranching here in rural Eastern Oklahoma, I have only seen one. Many who have lived here their whole lives have never had that experience. Let me tell you about my face-to-face encounter…

My German shepherd, Neva, got very excited whenever I would get out my fishing rod because she loved to accompany me to the back 40. Partly because she enjoyed eating blackberries and would always beat me to the most ripe and juicy ones on the bush. On this particular trip, I had just come around a heavily wooded area and looked up to see on the pond bank, within ten yards, a large mountain lion intently watching some deer grazing beyond the west end of the pond…

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Newsletter – Apr – May – Jun 2021

A memory shared from Iris

We love Oklahoma & our family has lived here since August of 1975, although Iris was born and raised in Poteau. We have been blessed with two plentiful peach trees and canned a lot of peaches in that time. 2019 & 2020 were a different story. Les always seems to know exactly when the peaches will be ready and so does a little raccoon family. One night the raccoons got every last peach off the tree and even cleaned the ground. It was very upsetting to not have even one to eat.

This reminded me of when we lived up North in Buffalo Center, Iowa. We farmed up there for almost 22 years (which we loved) and raised our kids. Our 11 year old son, Todd, came home from the neighbor’s farm, proud as punch with two baby raccoons in a five gallon pail. Yes, we let him keep them. They were his constant companions, following him everywhere and anywhere – to the creek, in the corn fields and even to the top of many trees and buildings. Todd would come home, carrying them as they were too tired to walk.

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Newsletter – Jan – Feb – Mar 2021

Jan - Feb - Mar 2021 Dear Friends, Les & Iris would like for you to know that they are doing well, staying healthy, and continue to be encouraged by your cards and letters. Les always says “I’m doing great for 93!” They are aware the past year has been difficult...

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Newsletter – Oct – Nov – Dec 2020

Oct - Nov - Dec 2020 Dear Friends – Keep Looking up! One of the truest signs of the Lord’s coming, the rapture, is expressed by the Lord Himself, “When I come again will I find faith?” The closer we get, the less we hear anything about it, yet the scripture is so...

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Newsletter – Jul – Aug – Sep 2020

Jul - Aug - Sep 2020 Dear Friends Summer has arrived! Even though we had an overabundance of rain in spring I hope we do not have drought for the summer. Our lawn has been covered with little white wildflowers. Some have purple borders and are so pretty and now the...

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Newsletter – Apr – May – Jun 2020

Apr - May - Jun 2020 Dear Friends Iris does such a good job at writing this note that I wanted her to do it again for this newsletter, but she used the excuse that our readers need proof that I’m still okay and capable. And I am. I’m still eating my three good meals a...

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Newsletter – Jan – Feb – Mar 2020

Jan - Feb - Mar 2020 Dear Friends - Submitted by Iris Well, 2019 has ended. One comforting thing about the changing calendar is the knowledge that we are one year closer to being taken to Glory. It could be one month from today or maybe even as little as one week, or...

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